9 Lessons Learned: Sports

9 Lessons Learned: Sports

Here Are Some Tips You Need To Know On Finding The Best Authentic Sports Jerseys

Over the years now, sports jerseys are being worn by plenty of people, however, since it became popular there is also an increase with the production of fake sports jerseys. Unfortunately, the businesses and profit of these counterfeiters have greatly increased. The estimated amount that is lost to counterfeiters every single year is more than ten million dollars. This is what happens when the sales of the legitimate business goes down, there will be unpaid royalties of producers then the quality of the merchandise will become low. This is not a “win win situation”.

These counterfeiters usually sell their counterfeit sports jerseys at temporary places or on sports events. These counterfeiters offers sports jersey at a price cheaper than authentic sports jerseys. This is the way that they use in convincing people to purchase their fake sports jerseys.

Usually, these fakes jerseys come from other countries. They just shipped these fake merchandise in the US. Fake sports jersey is made with low quality materials. Fake sports jerseys usually is faded in color or is in the wrong team color, it has bad stitching and has off-sizes.

These scam artist are also selling their fake products in the internet.

There are law enforcement agencies who capture these counterfeiters. The counterfeit jerseys that are being sold are gonna be confiscated by the police and they will also arrest the vendors. Manufacturing and selling fake or counterfeit jerseys is considered as a very serious crime. For first offenders, their penalty can cost up to two million dollars and they must stay in prison up to 10 years. The second offense is usually doubled.

Even with the efforts of the law agencies there are still a lot of counterfeiters in the market.

Here are some tips so you will purchase an authentic sports jersey:

A. Price- The price that is offered should not be too good to be true because it could probably be fake.

B. Place- Do not buy from street vendors but buy from authorized dealers or from legitimate stores.

C. Stitching and colors- Make sure that you check the jersey first, it should have nice stitching and the color is correct.

D. Spelling- You must also check the spelling, because there are counterfeit sports jersey that are not spelled correctly.

Just remember, when their offer sounds really good, then the merchandise could not be authentic. Smart people like you who are very fond of sports should buy and wear authentic sports jerseys from legitimate stores, because you can be proud that you are wearing an authentic jersey.
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