Exotic Pet

Exotic Pet

This paper examines state and regional statutes and regulations with regards to private possession of captive wildlife, or exotic pets. In Rhoades , the Washington case discussed above, the owners argued that the Battle Ground city ordinance violated due process since it did not supply sufficient notice prior to the impounding and destruction of exotic pets. Once more, this Act does not regulate private possession, it merely makes it possible for the USFWS to prosecute individuals who have illegally obtained exotic animals.

I have and do care for exotic pets which have been provided up by owners who thought it was cool to have them, until they realized that meeting these animals’ fundamental requirements was beyond the ability of any regular property or caregiver. Across the nation, a lot of incidents have been reported where exotic animals held in private hands attacked humans and other animals, and escaped from their enclosure and freely roamed the neighborhood. There are thousands of exotics that are abandoned by owners who just wanted to feel specific owning an exotic.

Cities and counties are also far more subject to the whim of regional residents, so regulations regularly come on the heels of attacks on the area’s kids or other sensational exotic pet incidents. A widespread tactic by anti-captive animal organizations (such as The Humane Society of the United States or the Animal Legal Defense Fund), is to ever so subtly, throw all so-referred to as exotic animals into the exact same category when these groups speak to legislators. Unfortunately, as the trade in exotic pets grows, we can expect much more abused animals, a lot more maulings, and much more illness outbreaks.

It’s a shame that your want for a cute, distinctive exotic trumps the countless factors that these animals must be provided the respect to be left wild. Exotic pet owners who have had their animals seized by animal handle or by the state wildlife department may challenge the agency’s application of the regulation to their particular case by arguing that their pet is not a nuisance. Some states do not fully ban exotic pets, though they do seek to monitor them inside their borders. Summary of State Laws Relating to Private Possession of Exotic Animals , Animal Protection Institute, at (last revised Oct.

It is -illegal- to do that and there are heavy restrictions on wild imported animals nor does it spend for poachers to catch any animals on this list and smuggle them to the U.S. You are free to point out any proof to the contrary. In addressing the Rhoades’ second claim, that dangerous dog owners received preferential therapy more than exotic pet owners, the court held that the city could rationally think about exotic pets to be more of a concern than dangerous dogs. In Rhoades v. City of Battle Ground , exotic pet owners challenged on equal protection grounds an ordinance that banned exotic pets, yet permitted harmful dogs below certain situations.

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