Smart Ideas: Reviews Revisited

Smart Ideas: Reviews Revisited

Important Features You Should be Searching for in Balance Bikes

If you are going to purchase a balance bike for your kid, then you need to know what matters and what does not. By getting the right balance bike, then the child will learn to ride more easily. Also, these bikes can make the child more confident to steer. It is really important to ensure that your kid has the right bike for the first time. Here are some of the things that you should be looking for in a balance bike.

You need to take into consideration the height of the seat. What you have to remember is that the bike height below the seam of the child should be between 1 and 1.5 inches. How will you be able to get such measurement? One excellent way to do this is to pinch a book between the kid’s legs and raise one’s crotch until it becomes parallel to the floor. With this, you can easily measure how high the bike top is basing it from the ground.

You should also consider the bike tires’ sizes. There are many tires that you will find which are between 10 and 12 inches in size. With this, it would be great you go first with the 12-inch ones, especially if the tires are made of plastic and rubber. There are many people who choose foam as well as the pneumatic types too. What is great about them is that they provide maximum cushion and traction. The foam, rubber and plastic tires are lightweight and also they don’t puncture very easily. But, they are really not excellent for different types of terrains.
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Also, it is quite important that you consider how heavy the bike should be. You need to ensure that the bike doesn’t weigh more than the kid does. Due to this, you should get a bike that is about the weight of your kid. You should know that so many of the bikes which are sold there are really lightweight and they are also great for the preschoolers and toddlers. It is certainly preferred that you take the child with you to the store and let him or her try various bikes. This can really help you select the best bike that you can have for her or him.
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The kid may not need those brakes with the use of the balance bike, but getting one with breaks is fantastic. The brakes should be made based on the height of the child. When the bike has brakes, then the kid can slow down or stop the bike without using the shoes. Also, this would help them handle the bike more easily to prevent injuries. Thus, this is an extra but really useful feature that you should get for your kid’s bike.

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