ten Exotic Pets That Pose No Threat To Public Safety

ten Exotic Pets That Pose No Threat To Public Safety

Summary of Law: All persons who possess particular wild animals must receive a permit for every single animal they possess. Born Totally free opposes the keeping of wild or exotic animals as pets, challenges the exotic pet market and trade, and campaigns for national and international legislation to decrease and where attainable end this practice. Minnesota Passes Law Against Maintaining Unsafe Animals as Pets , Int’l Fund for Animal Welfare, at ?oid=96023 (June 2, 2004).

In March 1999, the CDC contacted every state wellness division to establish regardless of whether state regulations existed for sale of reptiles and distribution of details about contracting salmonella from reptiles. Applications for a license … such as each initial applications and renewals, shall … be denied when … the application is for a license to possess, sustain, propagate or cultivate animals as pets.” § two.12(9)(a). Summary of State Laws Relating to Private Possession of Exotic Animals , Animal Protection Institute, at (revised Oct.

Right after getting denied a permit to keep him, and right after losing a protracted battle against the Green Bay city council to change the regulation, Cornelius and Jasper moved to a suburb that allowed monkeys as pets. The Massachusetts director of the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife also issues a list of exempted species for which no permit is needed.

If your state, city or county does not prohibit private possession, speak to your state senator and representative or your city and county council members and urge them to introduce legislation banning possession of exotic animals. Exotic pet laws ought to also model Michigan’s practice of prohibiting any future animal ownership by individuals violating exotic pet laws. The possessor’s licenses, for example, are only given to applicants for birds or mammals that have been lawfully possessed ahead of July 1, 1980, and for other restricted possessions, not including pets.

The Pearsons, owners of 44 massive cats, 16 black bears, and a host of other exotic pets, challenged the Summit County Board of Health’s conclusion right after an administrative hearing that the pets constituted a nuisance. Until lately, West Virginia also had no statewide regulations, but right after the 2003 monkeypox outbreak its legislature produced an animal well being control board to monitor the trade in exotic pets.

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